Thursday, August 4, 2011

terrible 2s

I think they came and are still here for a visit. i hope its just a short term visit.

in the past 3 days when we venture out of the house, there is always a fit being thrown about getting into the car, being in a shopping cart, pushing the cart, getting back into the car, then not wanting to get out... its like its never ending. Even going to the park there are issues. Which is so bizzare because she's usually amazing at the park...
so today, we are taking it easy. we may stay at home and work on cleaning the apartment. I feel bad, because its been so nice out this week. and we've gone to the park every day or over to grandmas house to play. but today - i dont even want to "test the waters" of anymore fits for at least today. and yes, i am aware it will just get worse.... so i guess i should really be saying "bring it on!"
Dulany is really good in general, so I shouldn't really even complain....
i think its just that i haven't had a break in a few days and its overdue. Oh. and raging hormones. (not from pregnancy... so dont ask). Mother nature is not fun!

on the flipside - she loves taking our old camera thats not working and "taking pictures" of people saying CHEESE, so i decided to get some of her.
end result:
ok. i love her. i can't deny it.


The Sabatini Family said...

What a "Cheeser!" I love it. And, sorry about the terrible two's... three's are worse! :) At least she's cute!!!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I was going to just wait untl she turns three. you think this is bad you haven't seen anything yet. sorry to get your hopes up and all!!! HAHA so I guess I'll just ditto what the previous comment said.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

oh and p.s. you must have an angel if you've never had a public meltdown/tantrum. so props to you!