Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ah hah!

so going around Etsy trying to figure out how people do their alphabet photography, ive noticed they must get costum made frames or something. i dont know where they find them...

then i came across this idea - and i figured, how easy would this be?! you get 4 of these frames with clips for 99 cents, you can put as many as you need to make a last name and putting it on a shutter or something else is brilliant!
i even found this shutter on ebay for super cheap for 6 of them in different sizes. too bad its "pick up only" and theyre in NY. GRR! it wont let me put up the picture, but its this old teal shutter, kind of like this..

- it would be so cute with black and white photos.... now im all over ebay and craigslist trying to find shutters for cheap. If anyone is getting rid of some that are neat fun colors or even just wooden .. let me know.

i think im going to try it out and see how it comes out. It would be easier than trying to find a nice frame with a lot of open slots!

what do you think?!

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The Sabatini Family said...

That's way cool! Browse the thrift shops too, and even if you don't think it will work the way it is when you buy it, imagine it a different color! :) That's what I've been trying to do to repurpose some furniture. I won't really like it, but then I'll think... Hey, this might look good spray painted black! Those are really awesome, good luck!!