Sunday, July 3, 2011

the St. Paul Rodeo

this was D and I's second time going to the 4th of july st. paul rodeo. This is tom's... well i dont know... time. The roberts seem to go every year - so its tradition. Its one of the largest 4th of july rodeos in the nation. It is SO much fun. They have fair food, fair games/rides and then the rodeo with PRCA - so its the big stuff. We saw bucking horses, bulls, pig races, cow hurdling/milking, barrel racing, etc. Last year when we went, Dulany didn't want to sit and wasn't entertained (and i only brought one diaper. wasn't pretty) and we had uncomfortable seats. This year we had nice seats, Dulany was entertained the WHOLE time and i brought LOTS of diapers.

We did really bad with "being healthy" - yikes. We ate lots of fair food including cotton candy, nachos, REALLY good strawberry lemonade, italian sausage... yeah. enough said!

Dulany ate red licorice ropes, a few pretzels and a few nacho chips for dinner - horrible. i know. But towards the end she had some pizza - sad to say that was the healthiest thing. But it was only for one night and we only do it once a year - so why not!. She was a trooper and with only a 30 minute nap in the car on the way there, she stayed awake till 10:30 and fell asleep on the way home.

Here are some of my favorite pictures!

We decided to let dulany ride the pony (ayla went too, she loved it). And well... Dulany HATED it. She did NOT want to get on. But they wouldn't let us have our money back so Grandma had to walk next to the horse with her. We were a little bummed. She wouldn't even go on the fake horse on the Carousel. At least we got our tickets back for that!

ps ---- Newer post below involving ICE CREAM!


Scott & Traci said...

Your little girl is SO CUTE! Ah! I am still bummed I haven't met her! I'm sorry she didn't like the horses! Enoch didn't really like the fake carousel horses either! They are kind of huge! I don't blame them! Happy 4th of July! ♥

Jody and Alex said...

so fun! glad Dulany liked it more this year-it's much more enjoyable for us if the kids are entertained! I am surprised that she didnt like the horse!