Friday, July 15, 2011


Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

15 facts:

1. i dont have many recent pictures - i hate having pictures of me taken.
2. i will be 24 this year...then i will be 25. that seems unreal.
3. i grew up 5 minutes from DC.
4. i have 4 siblings - 2 brothers, 2 sisters.
5. i have worked in 4 daycare/child care centers.
6. i MISS Northern VA/DC so much as of lately...
7. i am the only sibling/child in my family who is not on the east coast.
8. i MISSSSSS my family like crazy.
9. i currently reside outside Portland Oregon
10. i am married to Tom Roberts (April 19th 2008)
11. i am a mother - to Dulany Kay (June 16th 2009)
12. i hate our apartment... i can't wait to move out of it
13. speaking of hating our apartment, i want to buy a house so bad.
14. i can't wait till we're out of school (ok husband is out of school).
15. i am a tad baby hungry. my baby (ok big) girl is getting too big.

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