Sunday, July 3, 2011

Icey Creamy

the other day we went to the farmers market. I was pretty small compared to the ones I've been to back east. But there were some neat booths. We decided to walk down 3rd street (the main street here in downtown) and went to Serendipity which is an ice cream parlor. Its so cute and old fashioned. Tom and I went there for his birthday and we got THE BEST milkshake!! and i always thought this place was pretty expensive. Then the other night i was craving a milkshake so bad and we drove past a Baskin Robins - psh! nevermind. now THAT place is expensive. So anyways. we went back and sadly they didn't have mint chocolate chip - but Tom got a NWMixed berry milkshake and D got the same in a cone. It was delish. and it was gorgeous outside!

and speaking of icecream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - GIVEAWAY! my friend - who is probably the most talented person i know when it comes to making up recipes and cooking - is giving away - An ICECREAM MAKER!! how awesome is that?? i would LOOOVE me some home made icecream!!
the contest ends tonight at midnight - but check out her site anyways cause her stuff is seriously so delish (just look at the pictures!). I mean, she was on GMA with Sandra Lee this year - that means she's really good.
here is the link -

not going to lie. i reaaaaalllly hope i win!

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The Sabatini Family said...

Those last two pictures are adorable!! I love Serendipity's!! Yumm!!