Thursday, August 4, 2011

brag post

ive never been able to french braid until a few years ago when i taught myself on myself - therefor i only knew how to do an inside out braid and only on myself.

a month or so ago i tried french braids on D. it only took about a week to figure it out and now im a pro. I love doing her hair in French braids, makes her look so old! and cute of course.

im pretty impressed with myself... im not going to lie.

ps. terrible twos post below - uh oh!


Scott & Traci said...

Sweet! Her hair looks really good! I am trying to teach myself on my own hair, too! It is difficult, but now I have an example to look to :) Dulany is so stinking cute by the way! ♥

Jody and Alex said...

I so need you to teach me. I fake french braid Elsa's hair. Love the flower clip.

Lundquist Love said...

I need to learn how to do this before I have kids. I think it is so stinkin cute :)