Thursday, September 25, 2008

SO over being sick.

I started to get a bad cold back in mexico and brought it back with me. I started getting better around monday and then yesterday my nose started getting stuffy again and while I was at work my head started to hurt incredibly bad behind my eyes and around my nose. I got home and tried to take a nap but couldn't even bare to lay down it hurt so bad. I've never had a sinus infection but I'm guessing that is what it is. I can only sit upright and when I either bend over or try to lay down it hurts so bad. I've already gone through half a box of tissues and 3 individual packs of tissues. Our apartment has big piles of my 'snot rags' as tom calls them, next to the couch and next to the bed... a lot like this.. and it's gross. I have never had such green snot, since im sure everyone wanted to know that!

I missed work today because I can't even go outside with out the sun killing my eyes, drive nor even bend down to pick up kids with out feeling incredibly dizzy and my head feeling like it's going to explode. Both of us have been been taking nyquil like crazy and ive been taking sinus/head congestion medicine like crazy as well. Lets hope that i don't accidentally overdose or any on it. I CAN say that the cheap brand of nyquil pills and cheap brand of vicks vapor rub have been my best friend and can sleep like a baby. Supposedly my inlaws use this vaporub all the time and say it works so i tried it for the first time awhile back and love it. I just hope it goes away soon with a lot of rest because to be quite frank... I am SOOO over being sick!


The Sabatini Family said...

I'm sorry to hear that your sick! That can't be fun at all. That's funny if my parents talked you into the "Vick's Treatment" as we call it!! :) I hated it when my mom made us put that stuff on when I was a kid. If you do have a sinus infection, you might need antibiotics or something to get it to clear up. Those really suck!! Miss you guys. Adam says to get better soon and wants to give you slobbery kisses to make it all better! :) Love you guys.

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

Yuck yuck yuck! The "cold" is definitely making it's rounds! Hope you're feeling better soon!