Friday, February 14, 2014


Remember this from last year???

it would only be fitting if we did it again. But this year is hilarious because Kemp is pointing... to  YOU as he's asking the question! 

hope everyone has a great Valentines day!

we really just make cookies and cars for daddy and D gets a balloon and some treats. I dont think Tom and I have actually celebrated Vday ... ever. haha. But My VDAY present is that he's done with coaching basketball! YAY! i get him for 2 whole weeks before Softball starts... then its brutal. I will never see him. 

Tomorrow Daddy is taking D to the Daddy/Daughter dance they have for the community. At first she didnt want to go and kept saying "maybe when im 8" but now shes SO excited! she gets to pick out a new dress, a tiara and (she needs) new shoes. Tom is also going to get her a a flower for her wrist so its a true date. Im excited! stay tuned for pictures.

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