Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grandma Roseanne is here!

Grandma Roseanne came to visit for a week! she originally was planning to come right when i was going into labor but considering i came early, and school was still going on in Oregon she needed to wait a little while before coming. She got her Monday afternoon and is staying for the week. Dulany usually sleeps all the time but since grandma roseanne has been here, she's been quite awake and alert!

Its nice to have some help although I dont have much to recover from. But it is nice to have really good meals cooked, thats for sure. Its gonna be hard to go back to having to make dinner considering we have been having meals brought to us. Dulany is doing well, we had to go to the doctors again to check her biliruben and so that made us worried we would have to go get one of the blankets but we heard back that her levels went down so we're good there. Tom returned back to work and school and he wishes he didnt have to work so he could spend more time kissing dulanys chubby cheeks (theyre getting chunky!). She's eating really well ... we can tell cause she's always spitting up and poops constantly. I mean, i knew you go through lots of diapers, but she poops, i change, she poops WHILE im changing.. so i have to change her again! She also sleeps really well.. i actually have to wake HER up to feed her in the middle of the night. She sleeps in her crib for the most part but I think i feel more fulfilled and like a mom when shes with me (and not always in the crib) and either sleeping with me on the couch and stuff..(since she sleeps most of the time!) So i caught another picture of her taking a little nap with me.

here are some more pictures, im getting better!

My favorite thing about being a mom so far

looking to the camera for a picture!


jason sabatini said...

Grandma Roseanne is the best!! It looks like she's enjoying her granddaughter. She is so cute. She is such a little girl!!!

The Sabatini Family said...

Sorry - that was me. I keep forgetting to sign Jason out when I leave comments. But, do you really think Jason would say something like that? hehe!

The Sabatini Family said...

I just love her!!!!!!!!!! I can't stop looking at her pictures.

Anonymous said...

tommy if you'd stop pinching Dulany's poor cheeks they may become normal. i guess we didn't warn jess about tommys problem about CHEEKS. Poor leslie and now POOOOOOR DULANY. dulany must come see her grandparents for relief.

Vinyl Expressions said...

She is sooooo darling! Get in your car and come visit us! We would love to squeeze on those cheeks too...I guess it's in the family! We love her! Love the Mathieson Crew