Wednesday, June 10, 2009

36 Weeks

Today I've hit my 36 week mark. Yesterday i had my 36 week appointment and everything looked good, her heartbeat was good, my blood pressure, the weight, size of my belly, all that good stuff. I had to take the strep B test, so I hope that comes out negative cause I don't want to be put on antibiotics. Since im 36 weeks, I start going in every week. I think starting at 38 weeks they'll start checking my cervix to see if im dialated and what not. I wish they would do it earlier, just because I am curious!

Sleep is ok... going a little better depending on the night. Acid Reflux is ridiculous and sometimes out of control. I overdose on Tums! Other than that its just leg cramps/arm cramps and not being comfortable. I mean, i have to sit up to turn over, i hate it and it hurts! I've just been having low cramps... probably her head hitting every spot. Oh, and everytime i get up to turn, i realize i have to pee. Last night, every single hour on the dot... its annoying. But i guess everyone whos gone through pregnancy can relate.

I'm becoming a little less nervous and more anxious of her coming. Part of me is like, get her out already!! i want to be able to sleep on my stomach SO bad and I would rather get up every 3 hours with feedings then every hour to pee. Tom asks for his 'baby girl' every single day and yesterday as we were outside our neighbors talking, our friend went and got his little baby from her crib and tom was like "I want to be able to do that! i want her now!".. he's not very patient and I have a feeling he's gonna be a baby hog.

I don't have any feelings of whether she's gonna come early or on time or late. (although i feel that I will want to be induced if she is late, that is if my body is ready and all that). I would love if she came on her awesome due date though!

Anywho, here are belly picture updates!


The Sabatini Family said...

Jess!! You have the cutest, biggest, belly!! I hope you don't have a 10-pounder like tom!! We can't wait for the phone call and are counting down the days!! Love ya.

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

The doctor said that she shouldnt be too big from how she feels in my stomach so WHEW!

Joey and Michelle said...

you look really good! i know the belly feels huge but you hardly look pregnant anywhere else! i'm so excited for you. it'll happen any day now! i hope she is small, for your sake. Ray was almost 8 lbs and that felt huge to me.

Anonymous said...

take the pants off and take a pic