Thursday, June 28, 2012

hospital bag

So with Dulany - i didn't have a bag packed, i went into labor early and had nothing. My water broke at home in the middle of the night with mild contractions and i just went straight to the hospital with my purse/wallet/phone.

it was awful. Tom had to go home and get the stuff i told him too... and half the stuff he didn't get right, sorry hun, but its true. I think D's "coming home outfit" was an outfit that was 6 months and i wore what i wore to the hospital back home. I didnt have shower products, i had to wear the hospital gown. i felt gross.

This time im going to be prepared. considering my short cervix and contractions - i could go early. and since im delivering 30 minutes away (if i make it past 35 weeks, if not ill be an hour away!) i cant relaly have tom just go home and pick me up stuff.

so here is my list i made tonight:

Hospital Bag:

  • pillow
  • nursing bra/tank top
  • pj/pants i dont mind getting blood on. yuck.
  • cheap flip flops
  • my own sanitary pads (overnight ones!)
  • my own towel (since hospital ones can cover my one bum cheek...)
  • Robe (not sure ill want to risk using it!)
  • Hair bands
  • Make up - maybe to help me feel better? not sure since i dont wear it these days.
  • Calming body lotion (love my aveeno stress relief body lotion!)
  • Sundress to leave in (esp if i have a csection)
  • boys going home outfits, including pjs for staying there to stay warm -(rexburg was awesome and gave us amazing warm swaddling blankets, but who knows about these hospitals)
  • boys mittens, hats, blankets, swaddling blankets
  • Clothes for tom (in case he doesnt have time to pack anything)

  • Travel Size: 

body wash
toothpaste (and cheap toothbrush)
shavecream and razor (incase i have csection and am there for a few days, might have to make tom shave my pits for me!)

then there is the ever important

  • phone/charger
  • laptop/charger
  • camera/charger
  • video camera (maybe? not to video tape birth, but take videos afterwards)
ok... now im wondering, should i bring my nursing pillow? i mean this thing is HUGE (for twins)... im thinking about bringing it and then leaving it in the car in case i need it tom can get it for me.

Then i need to remember to pack a bag for Dulany for when she goes to grandma's house - 
  • few pairs of clothes
  • undies/pull ups/night time diapers
  • pjs
  • and we will leave a key just incase they need to come get stuff.
and then obviously my purse with my I.D/Insurance cards.

WHEW ok... 
if anyone can think of stuff - they should tell me. this seems almost ridiculous the amount of stuff i want to bring but i want to be prepared. i hated not having stuff when in the hospital with Dulany and i was only there for like 36 hours! I could potentially be there for 3-5 days.


Michelle Gould said...

Thanks for doing this! It is helping me! I really have no idea and some of the lists I have found are so different.

Caryn Allen said...


Jody and Alex said...

both times I packed way more stuff than I needed or used. But I also was only in the hospital for 24 hrs. I didn't have energy or desire to shave and get all made up- probably should of though!