Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Day of Summer

it was yesterday and we felt it! finally sunny and warm!
we got D a few new dresses for church because shes growing like a weed and theyre becoming too short.
im not sure if dress sizes are totally different or what.... but all her 3T ones are small.

Anyways - here she is sporting a new summer dress. she didnt really want to put it on because it wasnt pink (like another dress we got) so i had to convince her it was like Belle's dress in beauty and the beast.

isnt she just darling? and pardon my "mumu" dress.. hahaha its hard to find anything that fits these days. 

tonight is also my baby shower, so look forward to some pics from the party.


Kings said...

i know how you feel about the dresses! adyson totally fits in all her 3t, its just the length that is off. the 4t look baggy on her but are long enough.

and you both look so cute in your dresses! have a great baby shower!

Jody and Alex said...

love love love those pics of Dulany. She is such a pretty girl. I don't think it looks like a mumu!!