Thursday, June 7, 2012

28 weeks

well we made it to 28 weeks!

Tom and I went to my appointment at the high risk ob/gyn an hour away. (so done with that drive!) and we had an anatomy scan to make sure the boys were growing and everything was going alright. They looked awesome! Baby A was very shy... he turned and is now breach- Boo! But no wonder. last night i could NOT sleep to save my life and that baby was kicking more then i had ever felt. Then this morning while waiting in the waiting room, he was kicking my bladder SO hard. Usually its a tap with his hand or head but definitely foot kicks. they hurt! Baby B is still sideways.

here are some of the pictures we got:

Baby A - he was so shy, didnt want to look at us and stayed hunched. Im not sure if you can see in this picture but he was so scrunched up, in the u/s you could see his little skin wrinkles.

Baby B profile -

he was not shy at all and kept looking at us. like this picture - I think he already looks like Tom when hew as a baby... if i can remember (might have to go back and look at pictures!) but look at that belly and those cheeks! the u/s said he was a big boy... mind you tom was 10 lb 7 oz!

and baby A and baby B - foot to head - haha.

Anyways - baby boys are growing just perfectly. Baby A is 2lb 7 oz - right on track. Hes in the 47%. As for Baby B- hahaha well he is his daddy's son - weighing in at a whopping 3lb2oz already. The doctor said thats usually what they weigh at 31 weeks.  He's in the 73% for weight. Big boy!
Im glad they are gaining weight and are on track and even bigger. Makes me more calm in case something did happen and I deliver early. At least we would have weight on our side.

as for me. I feel HUGE - my belly is low, and Tom sometimes lifts it up and it feels So good. Im so tight up top where baby B (the heavy boy) is so no wonder! Ive got lots of room below the belly button but of course the bigger one is hanging on top.

and here is a picture of the bump at 28 weeks. 

I am as big (if not bigger) then i was when i had D at 36weeks. People keep saying "not much longer" comments and i have to correct them saying no, i have a good 10 weeks at the most and there are 2 in there.
i went to carters today and the lady was like ohhh some last minute shopping? Nope.... haha better get used to it!

Oh and at my Dr's appointment - I no longer have to go to the high risk ob and can start seeing my regular doctor YAY! no more long drives! Also said that we wont be checking my cervix anymore since it hasnt changed but to keep doing limited activity and he thinks by 32 weeks the restrictions should be lifted. Only 4 more weeks then! yay!
And for my 28 week update:

How Far Along Are You: 28 weeks

Total Weight Gain: i am up 15-16 lbs from pre pregnancy weight

How Big are Your Babies? Baby A is 2 lb 7 oz (right on track) and Baby B is 3 lb 2 oz (measuring 31 weeks) Size of Chinese Cabbage

Maternity Clothes: had to go buy some new LARGE and X Large shirts. Still in my Small pants though! love that about my pregnancies. im ALL belly!

Stretch Marks: Ohhhh yeah. Nasty dark ones above my belly button. 

Sleep: Last night, 3rd trimester welcomed me... by not letting me sleep. Not looking forward to it.

Best Moment This Week: probably seeing these baby boys and seeing how much they've grown. Makes me feel better!

Movements: All over the place. and sometimes they kick so hard it hurts. But super fun to see movements on the outside.

Food Cravings: White Cheddar Ricecakes...

Food Aversions: some days nothing seems good to eat but no aversions

Labor Signs: a few contractions each day. but thats about it. 

Belly Button in or out?: its disgusting. its out and its huge. I call it my snout. 

Miss Anything?: believe it or not... cleaning. its driving me NUTS

 What I'm Looking Forward To: Baby shower 
which should happen this month.

and we dont want to leave the Big Sister out! poor girl fell asleep on the couch after her bath. She is too cute though! i couldn't help but share.


Jessica and Trent said...

That is hilarious that Tom will sometimes lift your belly..haha. I bet that actually does feel really good :) And you look great! I am so excited for your little family!

Jody and Alex said...

it's hard when you carry so low but you're looking great. Sweet Lany- we miss her!