Monday, June 11, 2012


(beware- bare belly shots included in this post - might scare some! hahaha)

sometimes if i bend of or move a certain way - it feels like my skin is going to rip open. no joke. Ok it feels more like muscles are being torn in every which way ontop of my belly right where baby b is laying... where im the tiiiightest. Youch.

The darker stretch marks are making their way in around my belly button. i can ONLY imagine what my stomach will look like after i give birth to these two little ones...

im nervous... im not going to lie. I know it'll be worth it in the end when they're here. Its not like im showing off my stomach, but man - thinking about all the extra saggy skin and trying to feel good about myself.

I remember with Dulany right before i delivered -  luckily i still have the picture!

i was SOO tight i didnt know how i could stretch anymore. Well, now i know i can! and my skin is taking a brutal beating along with it. (along with my bladder- thank you baby A for being breach! hahaha) -and not to mention that belly button! - dulany likes to try to play with it. ahhaha

here is my stomach at 28 weeks (can you imagine what its going to look like 10 weeks from now? which will be the latest that these boys make their appearance - 38 weeks for twins) Compared to how i was at 36 weeks 6 days before I gave birth.


Anyways. I really wanted to post these just for my records. I love looking back at my posts when I was pregnant with D and remembering how different that pregnancy is with this one.

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Ruby Annette said...

Natural birth: If you have a natural birth, you should do this special binding thing my mom did for herself, her sisters, and my sister who had a baby 9 months ago. It's a fam tradition handed down for years (minus me b/c I had a c-seciton). I have seen all of their bodies and I'm the only one with sagging post baby skin. Let me know if you're interested and I can give you the deets!!- PS- my mom's sis had twins and the lady doesn't even look like she's birthed 5 kids, let alone twins!- I'm not jealous. ok maybe a little lol.