Friday, June 22, 2012

Without Further Ado...

please welcome Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Yesterday my sister in law Leslie and Kaylee and mother in law, mom, threw me a baby shower for the twin boys. It was really fun and the theme was perfect - thing 1 and thing 2!

here are some pictures!

The Food

The Decorations (how cute are the onsies - leslie and kaylee made them!)
Dulany and her cousin Settelly (2 weeks apart)
(great) grandma and grandpa roberts! After all the babies born this year - they will have about 42(ish) great grand children. (i tried to count them all, i might be off by a few if i missed some)- how crazy is that!

Opening some of the gifts!

i want to thank them for putting it on for us. We got a lot of fun clothes and lots of blankets!

yesterday i also hit 30 weeks. this means they really could come soon!. our first goal is 32 weeks.... then its 35 weeks so i can deliver at my hospital and not have to go down to the bigger hospital.

We're hoping they stay in 5 more weeks and im not going to lie.... i wouldn't mind if htey came at 35/36 weeks. One - i know tom will be here incase he gets a job, he will most likely have to leave at 37 weeks and will miss the birth. 2 -my body is taking a beating. - but its ok. i want them to be healthy!
i dont know how long they'll stay in though. D came at 36w6d and i would be SHOCKED if they stayed in longer then her!

i have my 30 week appointment iwth my regular doctor office (im seeing the other ob though for the first time) on monday so i will have to update then with what they say.

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Scott & Traci said...

SO Excited!! :) What a cute baby shower, too! {By the way, your little girl always looks fabulous, you are going to have to teach me some girl hair do's sometime soon, wow! Her hair always looks amazing!} Thoughts and prayers your way! :)