Wednesday, September 11, 2013

hot hot hot

where is fall? seriously... yesterday it hit 99 degrees and today it was high of 98. So ridiculous. its mid september! yesterday we stayed inside and stayed cool. I started to gate up just the kitchen so the boys have more room to run around. Colton has been starting to walk more!

also - d is very into halloween. she loves this chalkboard wall decal and wants to write on it all the time.. i was pretty impressed she did all the writing herself - she did have a little help on the w.

today we went on a walk and realized how hot it was going to get so after their afternoon (short) nap we set up the small pool outside and let the boys splash around. and we as in me and D - can i just say how tricky it is to do this with twins and a 4 year old .... yeah nearly impossible when there is water involved!

we're all ready for cooler weather! i had planned to make different soup twice this week but now i have to change that plan because of the heat. 

i want fall!

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