Sunday, September 8, 2013

pull out the clippers

so tonight after the boys bath i was getting really sick of Kemp's hair all around his ears and neck. I tried to do a little trim the the scissors but it wasnt working out so well. I told tom - just get the clippers out. i dont care if we mess up. Luckily they didn't do as bad as i thought (as in behave). they each got a little piece of chocolate chip cookie for doing so well! and mommy got a WHOLE lot of hair in her shirt... it was gross.

we did Mr. K first... and when his gorgeous hair fell i got so nervous (i mean i want this kids thin straight shiny blond hair!) and then i saw what he looked like after and i wanted to cry.... in a good way.. he looks SO old!! where is my baby!?!

here is the result!

(and im so mad i didnt do before and after but it was seriously spur of the moment!)

here is Mr. C

and then D wanted in on the pics. She was SO upset with us about cutting their hair. i think she mightve thought we were getting rid of ALL of their hair or it would hurt them. it was kind of sad but now she loves it. As long as we dont give her a haircut!

so here is an updated pic of our kids as of today! (d was in the middle of eating homemade pizza for dinner... so she was a bit messy!)

then they all wanted to jump on the couch! i love this pic of the boys looking at each other as they laugh.


Jody and Alex said...

They look so cute! I love that last picture too. Dulany is such a good big sister.

Anonymous said...

Nice ass