Sunday, August 18, 2013

"She's Ready To Pop"

This past weekend we went up to Mac (again!) for Kaylee's baby shower and the Roberts family reunion.

we headed to mom and dad's wednesday morning and got there about noon and babysat Ayla so kaylee could go to the dentist. Then D insisted that Grandma HAD to babysit her and baby brothers. Dad and Mom had to leave. I needed to go to the store for baby shower things so off we went. Well we randomly decided to go to a furniture outlet store in town that has some pretty awesome deals.

and we took the plunge and we finally did what we've always wanted. Actually got a bedroom set. As in an actual bed and dressers that match - and for a pretty darn good price at that. Too bad we have to wait for a week till we can get them> but i am excited. We've had old dressers that have been passed down to us and then our crappy bed we got when we were engaged that just sits there on the metal frame. (thank goodness for coaching money! that definitely comes in handy at times like these)

Im so excited to actually have a grown up looking room. our room seriously looks like a 16 year old boy lives in it.

Thursday D helped mommy bake lots of cupcakes!! Then mommy got to go by herself and go shopping for Kaylee's baby shower present. THen we waited for Julie, Alex and Paysen to get into town that night.

Friday Mommy and D frosted cupcakes. they turned out pretty cute. I didnt even want to try to do cake pops! those are SO bonnie's nitch and i wish she was here so she could've done them (and to be with us of course!). THat afternoon i went and got to go on a girls lunch date with my friend Page who is moving away! She was in our ward when we used to live there and we became really close! It's sad that we wont get to visit when we come up to mac! Her husband is going into the air force and so shes moving to utah while he's in training boot camp (i dont know how she's going to do it! i coulldnt!) anyways. we went to Red Robin and it was so fun to be able to have grown up conversations and it was a nice change from talking to a 4 year old all day : )

I then came home and got ready for the baby shower. Julie threw it and did all the decorations and mom and leslie and i helped with food. it turned out really cute and was fun!
thanks to my lover for watching the boys all day!

here are some pictures from the shower!

we didnt get home till about 9:30 and then that night we both (tom and i) had the worst nights sleep. Mr. C actually woke up at 430 which is very unusual now and then we were all up at 6 so we could go to breakfast. Then we headed off to the family reunion at silver creek falls (which is GORGEOUS). and im soooo annoyed i left my camera in the car. 
the girls did a little swimming and we (as in mom, dad, tom and D) went hiking down under the falls and around. We even saw a bride walk down the "aisle" aka bridge over to her wedding. that was pretty neat!

after we had lunch and visited friends and then did the falls we headed home to myrtle creek. We wish we could stay and go to church (and we heard that leslie sang in church, sad we missed it!!) but Tom has to teach on sundays. 

so now its back to trying to get back on schedule. then we are going to head back up for labor day weekend to see tom's cousin Dave and his wife Emily(who i grew up with) who we havent seen in over a year and meet their little 1 year old. Itll be fun to see them!

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The Sabatini Family said...

Super cute!! I wish I could have been there!! And yay for Grown-Up furniture!! :) That's exciting!!!