Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hush Little Baby

Just some pictures of the boys snoozin. 
They usually do awesome at going to sleep on their own. I will swaddle them up, give them a binki and they will fall asleep on their own in the pack n play (yeah we have yet to put the cribs up! that is today's project!) These past few days though they've been a bit fussy and have to lay with us in bed which i don't usually do but at this point ill do anything to keep my sanity and get ANY sleep i can get. 
im hoping that they will get back into the habit of going down with out the need to be held or against our bodies. Don't get me wrong, i love my cuddle time but not at night, i just don't do co-sleeping! haha

(ps. i dont think i realized exactly HOW sleep deprived i would get )

 Kemp Has to hold on to your clothes when he sleeps - its too cute
He's Getting some cheeks!

Tired Little fella - C

Sunday Snooze

 Mr. C all swaddled up in the swing.... .Now the swing would come in handy if we ever decided to get batteries for the darn thing.... he likes it anyways!

Mr C snoozin on his play mat. Both the boys LOVE their hands next to their head like that. Which makes swaddling a little difficult at night when they try to get out!

now if only THIS little girl would take a nap as well - but at least shes content watching a movie on the couch with "her stuff" - do you think she has enough things she takes to bed? Right now she has 7 things that need to go with her. Silly girl

and on a random note - D likes to run around in her undies. There are 2 entrances to the kitchen/hallway so she likes to run through the kitchen to get to the hallway. (and as you can see, we still have boxes everywhere... so no, i havent taken pics of the new house yet but there is our kitchen!)

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