Sunday, September 23, 2012

never will i

take having a washer/dryer for granted.


When we moved here and actually had a laundry room I told Tom we had to get a washer/dryer even if it was a crappy pair from craigslist. No way i was dragging 3 kids to a laundromat.

luckily these bad boys were on sale. We figured we're always going to live in a place with washer/dryer so we might as well get a good pair

and boy are they good.

im in love.

who knew i would actually LIKE to do laundry. After a year of having to drag the kid/s and laundry over to mom and dads (luckily they let us do laundry!! im so grateful for that so we didnt have to pay to use the crappy ones at the apartment).. i enjoy doing a load whenever i want. especially with these little boys... lots of poop and spit up will do a number.

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Jessica and Trent said...

Ooh, they're so pretty!! I can't wait for us to buy our own in the future (not for a while)! We have them in our apartment and they work fine, but they're old! For some reason it's exciting for me to think about getting a brand new washer and dryer :) Anyway, I think about you all time and am hoping that as the days go on the boys will sleep more for you so that you can get some more sleep! You are a great mommy and clearly doing such a great job :)