Monday, September 3, 2012

looky here

 first off - new post about the boys below so make sure to check it out!!

so when going to church for the first time people kept telling me that tom looked familiar. then when we got home our neighbor came to show us the newspaper. tom was on the front cover! (pls excuse that its backwards!)

anyways tom started preperation for teaching last week and tomorrow is the first day of school. its a teeeny school with only about 15 teachers and each class only has 10-12 students. hes teaching business, sports marketing, math classes and computer lab. we got to see his classroom and it finally hit me that hes an actual teacher and not in school anymore. So proud of Tom for doing what he wanted in going into teaching and getting a job right after graduating!

and this is random but i found my baby book and saw this pic and thought wow... that looks like colton!


remember new post below!!

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Alex and Julie Miller said...

So proud of Tom!! Hope tomorrow goes so great for him!! We'll be thinking about him all day tomorrow!! Sounds like you have a great ward! Also you do look Like Colton in your baby picture! I love the picture of you and the boys so pretty.. Also D is getting so tall and looks so grown up!! We miss all of you cant wait till the blessing to come down and be with you guys love you xoxo