Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sneak peak

we finally got one of the cribs up in the boys room. back a few months ago i won cerib bedding on an online giveaway.. (4 pice set for $400! ridiculous). im not sure what we will do about the other crib when we set it up...  i mean a simple crb skirt is like 25 bucks. this is when i wish i could sew!

anyways here are the few things i haveup. i plan on making a trip to michaels to get a few things for decoration as well. 

so stay tuned


Alex and Julie Miller said...

Have you checked Target online? We got our bedding for less than 40.00 we just bought crib sheets and a bumper.. but I still think it looks complete. Cute room for the boys Love it

The Sabatini Family said...

I can attempt to sew it for you! :) I need a good project... I saw a tutorial to use an existing bumper (which I have of Adam's) and just cover it... and a bedskirt can't be that hard. No promises though. Let me know what you think.