Monday, October 1, 2012


what happens when you have a baby x 2? well sometimes you just cant do things at one time for both babies. especially with a 3 year old in the mix. 

this is what happened the other night while i was trying to do something for D and the boys were screaming to be fed.  i think she was heading to the time out corner to be honest. shes been a stinker lately.

so i had to improvise.

but hey, it works.

ps. this is the one good thing about bottle feeding. 

And this was the boys the other night. i didnt realize i placed their binkies right in the same spot. They really look like twinners in this pic.

 aren't they cutie patooties?

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The Sabatini Family said...

Love the new posts! They are getting so big!! And, I love D sleeping in her tent like that on her bed. haha!! So cute. miss you guys!