Thursday, October 25, 2012

trip to mac

 This last weekend we went up to mac bc we got tickets to the OSU vs Utah football game. Tom and I were in a desperate need of a night alone and im not going to lie.. i was sooo nervous to leave the boys. not that mom and dad couldnt handle them but Colton was going through a rough phase that week with inconsolable crying from being over tired and being off with traveling didnt help. We drove down friday after tom got off work but had to stop in roseburg to meet with someone from the stake to so tom could get a calling. he got called to be the 2nd counselor in the elders quorum. so funny.. i totally called it. his bro in lawand my bro in law are both EQ presidents and then his other sisters husband just got called into the EQ presidency.

anyways we then headed to mac in time to go straight to the high schools homecoming game (mom works there, where tom went to hs and student taught). well... colton had othe plans. he cried the last hour in the car.. turned out he was too hot. felt horrible. then he was inconsolable... i told tom to take D and K inside while i calmed C down. i finally did.... then tried to stick him in the bjorn... all hell broke loose. i could not calm him down so i told tom to bring k back and i took them back to the house where i got them to sleep.

the next afternoon i got to hang out with my friend page (soo nice to hang out with a friend!) and then we all headed to the casino for the buffet lunch. once again.... the boys were cranky. sigh.... not to mention D was crwaling all over the nast floor and pretending the pole underneath the table was a fire pole... aiy aiy aiy... here are some pics

 K too cute in his little jeans, sunglasses shirt which i looove and hoodie. 

we saw a rainbow on the way back fromthe casino

look at those cheeks. i think K now weighs more then C

getting ready to head out... cranky C of course.

before we left for mc

then it was time for the OSU game. usually im a utah fan but im converting to an osu fan... plus tom refused tolet me wear my utah sweatshirt.

anyways.. first we saw a crash between a pedestrian and biker. the girl was crossing the street into a bike lane and a guy hit hr and she hit the ground so hard (we heard it) and she got knocked out. lots of ppl went to her and they yelled to call 911 and an ambulance came. 

then we sgot to our seats and this older bigger man came next o me and tried to climb over the seats to the next row and totally fell.. practically onto me but i backed into the arm rest and now have a huge nast bruise. he tried again and almost fell again. we thought he was just old then realized he was so drunk he couldnt even stay awake for the game.

then the game was reaallly cold. then started to rain. good thing we were underneath the cover! and the beavers won!

we were gone for 7 hours. most def the longest ive left the boys. but we needed it and i hd to remember its ok if they cry.. they arent going to die!

here are pics from the game!

ps this is the first pic of us with out kids since i dont even know when!

thanks to mom who watched all 3 kiddos and i know the boys were a little difficult so lots of props to her.. although shell prob never want to babysit them again! haha

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Jody and Alex said...

Love those cheeks he's getting! Glad you got to have a night out-you sure deserve it!