Thursday, October 25, 2012

the house

here is the outside

the frot door with one of my fav decorated walls

the front room - pardon the mess but this house is always a mess! - i need something on that back wall on both sides of the blocks.... suggestions?
and yes- totally watching glee!

view when you walk in

hallway - 

laundry room - back door to the back yard (need a pic of that!)

one way into the kitchen

one way into the kitchen - again a mess!

this needs the most work - its become the craft table for D - 

my favorite - can you tell it represents our family?

Ds room

shes obsessed with the little mermaid

the boys room

view when you walk in - we need the other crib up!

we had these in our house growing up and they fit perfectly in the boys room

sorry- no view of our room till it gets a make over!

here are some pics of the kiddos!

D fell asleep this way last night

new post below!


Caryn Allen said...

I LOVE IT! Your house is great! It has such awesome potential for decoration and organization. I love love LOVE what you've done with it so far!!

Betsy Jeffries said...

How fun!! I am glad you feel like you can call this your HOME!! Way cute!

Ruby Annette said...

Love it! I really like the decorations you've put up! They're darling!