Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Family of 5

This weekend i told tom we NEEDED to get at least one picture of our family. we dont even have 1 since the boys have been born of all 5 of us.

so I had julie snap some pics with my camera for me. Can i just say that D loves to have me take pics of her at home but once we're outside trying to actually get a picture - she does not like it!

even bribing with candy didnt work very well.

this is the only really good picture we got of all 5. 

Roberts Family - Est 2008

Kisses from Big Sis

Daddy and Kemp

Mommy and Colt

 More Big Sis Kisses

Can you tell shes a proud big sis?

 K and C

mommy and daddy with both boys

Dulany Kay

(Pumpkin Patch Post Below!)

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Jody and Alex said...

super super cute of all of you. Love all if Dulany's faces-funny girl!