Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3 Months old!!

I can't believe my little boys are 3 months old. 

these past few months have just been a whirlwind! 

I have to constantly remind myself that i can not compare them to babies their age..and its hard. Other babies their age are way ahead of them but i need to remember that they were born 6 weeks early and technically they're only 6 1/2 weeks old (so weird to think about!)

For 3 months old - 

these boys almost have all control of their head. we like to say they have bobble heads though. 

they HATE tummy time. hate hate.  SO we try to do more on our chests with them instead of the floor. Kemp will even just lay his head down sometimes and almost fall asleep (this happened once).

they HAVe to be swaddled up in order to sleep. its a little ridiculous. but thats exactly how their sister was.

Kemp loves the bouncer and Colton loves the swing.

they like to kick. a lot! they love playing on their play mats and they are starting to hit the toys more and more.

both boys are smilers! which i love.

they still eat every 3 hours. even at night. i finally got one good night of sleep -4 solid hours. it was bliss. The boys even slept 5 hours. it never happened after that though. 

Kemp has blue eyes and i think Colt's are turning brown (he does look just like D when she was this age, so its not surprising if they turn brown like hers did)

It'll be crazy when they keep getting bigger and they start rolling over and and then crawling, etc. 

and im not sure if im ready for that.

2 toddler boys? .... yikes.

And for your entertainment - Colton in a dress!!!

just kidding - thats totally Dulany at 3 months old - talk about freaky. They even do the exact same thing with their hands fisted up inward. And the smile is the exact same.

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