Sunday, March 14, 2010

our latest addition

so when tom called the bank to see how much longer we needed to pay off his little red nissan sentra, we figured it was about a year... nope... it was 2 years or so... so we looked online for cheap used cars... and we actually found a trailblazer for a pretty good price. we figured by the time we payed off that little red car, we would ahve to get a bigger car anyways iwth a growing we foudn the trailblazer in salt lake and so friday we went down and test drove it and really liked it so we traded the little car in and got this one. Its pretty nice and its so much nicer to be able to fit all our luggage when we travel! anywho, here are some pictures

ohand a random picture tom took with his phone for Aunt Leslie... her taking a nap. What a cutie.


Kings said...

NICE! i noticed you guys getting out of it and wondered if it was new! jealous!!!

Morgan Gunter said...

wow that is awesome. congrats on the new car!

The Sabatini Family said...

Awesome Car!! I was driving behind one yesterday and thinking of you guys. I love that picture of Dulany sleeping. So cute. We can't wait to see you guys in a month!!!!! YAY!