Tuesday, March 30, 2010

what a big girl.

this little munchkin is CRAZY! she is all over the place nad loves to do new things. She LOVES the clap. i mean she does it ALL the time. She also loves to make sounds with her lips (with help of her fingers of course) she saw me do it to her, and then i did it to myself, so she can now do it to herself AND others. When ever someone picks her up she goes straight for the face and usually the lips.

she has started to eat more finger foods. She's AWESOME at getting her fingers from either my hand or the high chair to her mouth by herself (good fine motor skills!)she loves yogurt melts, lil crunchies (they look like cheese puffs) puffs, animal crackers (still needs help with those cause she likes to bite off huge chunks.. with the no teeth she has.. funny if you ask me!) she loves mum-mums and ritz crackers, she LOVES those. her new favorite - string cheese. I gave her just the whole thing to hold onto to chew last night and she like devoured it. I thought she would get too many big chunks and choke (which she did get big chunks, but no choking). its crazy how much they learn so fast.

here is her and her string cheese

she also is scooting everywhere. i crack up every time how she does it. Gets on her side and pushes with one leg.. so forth. youve seen the video. We finally got a book shelf so we could put our picture frames and what not up high so she can have her books on the tv stand bottom shelf and she loves it, she pulls them out and looks at them.

anywho, this past weekend our friends the Bate's came up to visit. They used to be our neighbors but then left us all to go to provo (grr.. just jokin) we were glad they came to visit. it was like good old times (aka last summer) They have a little girl about 6 months older than Dulany and so they played with dulany's good friend Everett. It was way fun! We even went to 5 guys (we've been craving a big juicy burger and fries since eating healthY)

here are tons of pictures of Dulany and her many friends. Some are from the ward activity we had. I think i was the only person who brought toys (tom makes fun of me and says "you bring her whole toy trunk with you wherever we go) .. so anywho, all the kids kinda came our way when we were on the floor playing which was fine with us!

all the kids playing at the ward activity.

heres dulany playing with everett and kate -

here is one last one of her and everett. it was the pefect shot!

ok, more pics of her sleeping. it amazes me in the positions she ends up in!

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The Beck Bunch said...

I'm amazed that people don't bring toys also. I mean Molly is only 6 months but I take things for her and probably will for a while. That's nice that you had toys for everyone! ;)