Saturday, March 13, 2010

close to the heart

"For now, please hug your babies a little tighter...
Give your children a little extra squeeze...

Be a little more patient and diligent
and a little less distracted by the things that will wait until later.
Embrace the things that matter most!

Life is so fragile..."

My friend Jaci posted this on her blog. I read what she posted. I cried.. and cried some more. It's a story about a Mom who had to deal with a tragedy with her young baby and the miracles that happened. It has made me incredibly grateful for being a mother and for the blessings that I have and the joy Dulany brings into my life.

here is the story in the news found here

Here is the blog in which she writes her story of the event

I know a lot of the times I get frustrated with being home with Dulany all day and having to wake up early with her and be with her when she's fussy and a lot of the time she doesn't love to cuddle with her mamma and daddy.. but this story seriously made me go and pick her up and TRY to let be give her some loves with out her pushing away (which she does cause she's miss independent as long as mammas in the room).

This also taught me a valuable lesson. There has been 2 times i was somewhat tempted to leave her in the tub. She was laying down, couldnt roll yet... and a. someone either knocked on the door or b. the phone was ringing and i was expecting a call. Yet i didn't and I am SO glad. I can't imagine what this mother is going through, and i hope i will never have to. It's amazing to see the blessings that are being present in this story and it makes me so grateful for this gospel.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how fast life can change, huh? Keep the spirit strong in your home and dont ignore his promptings

The Beck Bunch said...

I read it and cried also! Wow!