Friday, March 19, 2010

sick Baby

Dulany has been sick for the past few days. She started to get a cough again and is really congested but we were nervous beacuse her cough is a little more wheezy than before. So we made sure to go to the doctor today. But first, the night before last, i had to wake up at 5 am when she woke up because she couldn't control her coughing, that lasted till 6:30... of me trying to get her to sleep ontop of me while on the couch.. i couldn't go to sleep. Then last night she was up at 1:45... i got up and thought a warm bottle might help her go back to sleep... bad idea. she fell asleep in my arms in the rocking chair, as i layed her on her side (to help her coughing) she started to cough then BAM... barf, mucus, formula... a monsterous puddle of it. i mean, theres a mattress protector which was soaked, and a puddle of it ontop of her sheets. thats how much. I took her out, cleaned her off (with tom's help) and then realized she was burning up. She had a fever. Awesome... so back to the couch we went... till 3:45... when she fell asleep and i put her back in her crib and she finally slept in till about 6.

poor thing. we went to the doctor today and we saw someone knew and i really liked her. I think im going to switch to seeing her from now on. Anywho she saw that one of her ears was a little red so it could be a sign of an infection but dulany hasnt been pulling on it or anything.. but they did an rsv test and it came back negative thank goodness but she said to do breathing treatments and get a cool mist humidifier. so we did. luckily our insurance covered the breathing treatments and we'll start that tonight. i seriously hope it helps. luckily tom didnt have classes yesterday or today so he's been a ton of help with getting up with her in the morning after i spend the middle of hte night up with her.

here are a few pics (taken at like 5 in the morning) watching baby Einstein of her sick and cuddly.

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Jody and Alex said...

poor baby, hope she feels better very very soon and hope you can catch up on your rest!