Wednesday, March 17, 2010

9 Months and St. Pattys Day

Dulany turned 9 months yesterday. we went to a WIC appointment today but they didnt measure her! i tried to weigh her on the scale and it was just 18 lbs.. no idea how tall she is, and i dont really care to try to measure her myself.right now she's rolling ALL over the place... shes better at staying on her belly and not just flipping back at her back therefor getting better at trying to reach for things. She still LOVES to stand. and she is so much better at going from sitting up to her belly with out face planting which i think will help with getting to her knees.
at first i was really nervous about her not crawling yet but after reading posts on it made me feel a lot better because a lot of parents on there feel the same way. So im not to worried about it anymore.
lately it has been SO nice out. (ilke mid 40s -50 degrees) i think all of the snow has melted (excpet for the huge piles in parking lots...) but outside our front lawn it has! we went outside yesterday and sat out there with our neighbor and her baby boy for a good hour-2 hours.. then dulany and I went on a walk with our other neighbor and her little boy.. and i got a LOT of sun. And im already sunburnt on my face. Awesome. Who wouldve thought i would have to be putting aloe on my face in the middle of march. in REXBURG? not me. Today it was gorgeous again> i actually got in my tshirt, capris and flipflops it was so hot, then it got cold again. Bummer. Dulany was outside for like 3 hours and loved it. cant wait for summer when itll STAY warm and the grass is green and i can jsut let her roam free on it.

oh and she still hasnt teeth, we keep thinking that she is, but nope!

anywho here are tons of pictures -
here is one of her sitting in the car at the dealership.. tom decided to buckle her in. so cute!

here she is outside last week (ther isnt snow anymore and she doesnt need the hat anymore either!)

here she is sleeping, AGAIN! she looks like a sumo wrestler.

here are some more pictures of today for st. pattys day we dressed her in green and had little green piggy tails (the rubber bands that is!)

these ones are her and her daddy watching... i think it was Arthur! haha.

these are just of her playing.


The Sabatini Family said...

I LOVE that last picture. So cute. It is so nice that it is starting to warm up. We are getting so excited to see you guys!!

Lauren said...

You got Sunburned?! I'm jealous!