Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 more weeks and a long post.

ok.. well two more weeks from tomorrow till Tom is done with this semester!! We will then be heading to Utah on thursday, pick mom (roberts) up from the airport, and stay the night and go to tom's cousin's nathan's wedding (wow thats a lot of 's) on friday and then we're driving back to oregon with her (and possibly dad too? we're not sure yet). We'll be in oregon for a WHOLE week! this is outrageous considering the longest we've stayed is 4 whole days. Sad i know. We're so excited. We're also very excited for Kaylee (tom's sis) who's getting married while we're there! We're very happy for her!

anywho... as of lately with our family....

the snow has finally melted (then of course snowed yesterday and left a dusting, but is gone now) so we've been trying to spend as much time outside on a blanket on the nasty grass. Can't wait for it to grow back and be green again so i can let Dulany roll on it and get a little dirty!

Dulany has been playing with friends a lot more. We have play group with my two neighbors once a week when we can and she loves it. She also plays with my friend/neighbor's little boy everett. This week she's gotten to play with him twice. I think they like eachother a lot! he is too cute! The best is when he sticks his tongue out and pants like a little puppy.

here are some pictures of them playing.

also she LOVES the tub now that she sits in it and plays with her little letters. I know it says # years + but she can't bite off pieces yet... so she enjoys playing with them. here are pics of her enjoying tub time. (she hates being taken out of the bath.. HATES it..).. andim not like every other person who puts wash cloth over privates.. so please dont think im a bad mother by posted somewhat nakey pics of her..

and she has started to eat more solid/finger foods. she loves "mum mum" cracker thingys. i tried giving her ritz crackers last night and she devoured them...here are a few pics of that.

here is a video of her trying to crawl, shes getting closer. this is how she scoots around. She no longer goes right to rolling back onto her back. She also ahs been taking "steps". When we walk with her (aka her holding onto myhands) and she takes her own steps instead of me pushing her legs with my legs haha.

also ANOTHER video (told you this is al ong post) she learned to roll the ball back to me when we roll it to her (sorta, she has help with her feet) but i thought it was cute

ALSOOOOO ---- SHE LEARNED to Clap!! all of a sudden she did it tonight on our way out!! i would do it then she would. I got REALLY excited! ill try to get a video of it later


Jody and Alex said...

I feel like every time you post, she looks so much older and I hate that that next time I will really see her, she will be over a year old! Oh and you don't need to worry about covering her privates cause her cute belly pretty much does that for you!

Michelle Starrs said...

So cute! she is learning so many new things. I love this age :) Ray started clapping too! enjoy your vacation!