Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Trip To Utah

This past weekend, we went down to utah and it was a pretty good trip! i was a little nervous about dulany during the car ride but she did really well and slept for the whole time down there and most of the time on the way back, although we did have to stop once to nurse. We got down there late friday night. We got up early to go to Grandma taylors (tom's gma) and Dulany got to meet aunt julie, leslie, and grandpa tom and see grandma roaseanne who she already met. We then split up while julie, leslie and mom went to go get stuff for julie before she left and I went with tom and his dad to Cabelas, OF COURSE! We came back and we went to go drop Julie off at the mtc. She was ready to get in there and start working hard! no tears were shed and she wanted to get right in there. Afterwards we went to Tucanos which is a brazilian place which is amazing. Dulany also got to meet Uncle alex and see aunt jody again (who we stayed with) and she ended up sleeping in the same bed as us so that was interesting, but she did pretty well. We also go to go to this place called Moochies (which is now toms FAVORITE place) where they make cheesesteaks and they were actually on the Foodnetwork show 'Diners drive ins and dives' It was REALLy good. we also went up to the salt lake cemetary which is walking distance from my sisters apartment and went and saw President Hinckley's grave which tom hasnt seen before. We got lucky because there was a huge lightning storm way in the distance behind mountains so we were able to watch that. but Other then that we just hung out and had a good time. oh yes, and we got many slurpees! here are pics from the trip.

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The Jeffries said...

Love it! Grandpa Tom is so cute with Dulany!!!