Monday, July 13, 2009

First Sunday

We took Dulany to church for the first time yesterday, although we only stayed for Sacrament Meeting. I was a little nervous because if she doesn't sleep, then she can get fussy. So i figured, i would nurse right before we left so she would most likely fall asleep. She didnt. She ended up falling asleep right about the closing hymn.. and so yeah. She was pretty fussy and so we had the pacifire.. but she has a hard time keeping it in her mouth by herself.. so everytime it fell out she would do a little whine. But we made it through. Hopefully next week she'll decide to sleep so we can go to sunday school and relief society. We will see.

The best part, dressing her up in the CUTEST dress that my friend morgan got me at my baby shower. I couldnt wait to put it on her with a cute bow. haha. And the other part - people starring at her when we would walk down the hallways or in sacrament meeting and hearing people whisper about how cute and teeny she is. Love it!!

ps. she isnt so teeny anymore. She's becoming a chunk!

So theres that picture and heres another, although tom's arm/dulany's head is blocking my face kinda. Oh well.


Scott & Traci said...

Cute! I love your little family :) She is beautiful, and looks like you already Jess! :)

The Sabatini Family said...

You guys are too cute. I absolutely LOVE her little dress. We can't wait to see you.