Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pretty in...Green?

Here's just a few more pictures of our cute little girl. I can't get over how cute she is sometimes. Especially when she sleeps on us/next to us. We got a cute outfit in the mail yesterday from my dad's sister which I dont get to see very often so i was very grateful she thought about our little girl and us. I wish we had it for the fourth of july, it wouldve been perfect. But i got to dress her up in it today (yay a dress that FINALLY fits!)when i went out to lunch with a bunch of girls for our neighbor (and friend of course!) for a little baby shower luncheon. I finally got a flower/bow/headband to fit her but it seems to be the only one so im gonna have to find the materials to make some more!

Here are some more pictures for everyone to enjoy!

i thought this was too cute. Here she is... all pretty in.. well green!

She's just the master at relaxation!! cracks me up.

Here she is in her new little outfit.

trying to fall asleep. She is the most content when in this position.

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The Sabatini Family said...

She is so cute!! She looks a lot like you Jess in these last pictures. And, Adam was the same way. He loved sleeping on our chests on his tummy. It is just more natural that way I think. He never was a very good back sleeper, and to this day he still sleeps on his tummy. I'm glad we got to "see" her today!!