Tuesday, November 9, 2010

this girl misses her dadda

well. most of the family is over in Ukiah hunting. Tom left friday night with dad and Jon and were supposed to come back sunday and leave tuesday, but tom and jon stayed to look after the trailer while dad came back to work for a day. So dad kaylee and baby ayla made their way this morning. Mom goes tomorrow night. Dulany and i will stay here. Its been a little lonely with out Tom here. Maybe its because he's my only friend hahaha. Its awesome we have a lot of family around here but i seriously need to make friends with kids around Dulany's age so i don't go too crazy being home by myself. I think another hard part is while hunting = no cell service so i don't get to talk to tom.. only if he goes into town and maybe has service. Its cute because Dulany has been saying dadda like crazy and points to his pictures and says dadda, she's probably wondering where he is.

Dulany has gotten a little sick. She had a runny nose and bad cough (runny nose not so much anymore) so she's been getting up a lot in the night and sleeping with me which i don't mind because tom's gone. But she still is mostly happy.. still cranky moments though! Like today... she was a little cranky but then i felt horrible (i inahled a little too much bleach when cleaning today = major headache/feeling sick) so call me a terrible mother, but we stayed in my bed while i lay down and she watched a lot of baby einstein and barny... Luckily she's been taking long naps!

Here she is eating her snack in the big recliner watching PBS..

Kaylee had a luncheon/shower for Ayla with her in-law side of the family, here is Dulany before we went. She looks so much like a toddler it freaks me out!

on a side note here are two pics i found on my camera from when adam came to visit... she HATED this thing. it was too loud and she would not get on, even with grandpa. But of course when adam gets on the "green tractor" she HAD to get on and had a blast. So hopefully grandpa will get another chance!

Oh and on request from my sister, here is the halloween graveyard cake i made for a halloween party. not so bad if i do say so myself. (for a first time).. but ive always wanted to take a cake decorating class = like nice cakes... fondant and all.. but i dont know if thatll ever happen!

anywho. so we're just hanging out, its been raining a lot (i knew it was going to come) but sometimes i feel like im back in Rexburg where i have to go to walmart to get my exercise. But i then looked at people's pictures from yesterday and there is snow on the ground. yikes.... i guess i should be grateful for just rain!

anywho.. just a few more weeks and we're headed to Pennsylvania to see my family!

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Jody and Alex said...

Those tights and skirt are so cute! I went to go get those boots for E but her calves are too chunky and I couldn't zip them...sad! She looks so old, cant wait to see her soon!