Monday, November 22, 2010

Watching Cousin Ayla

since Kaylee has to go back to work, Dulany and I watch Ayla a few days of the week. Dulany has gotten so much better with being soft with baby Ayla and she's such a good big cousin. Seriously, she tried to snuggle with her, cover her up with a blanket, but her binki in, push her in the swing, give her kisses, tries to dress her, put her (dulany's) shoes on ayla, and even tries to dress her! when someone else is holding Ayla, Dulany will get her own baby doll and take care of her. Its pretty cute. Im glad cause this will give her practice for when we do have another baby around.

Dulany snuggling with Ayla..while watching Einstein. (i was surprised she didn't put all her weight on her)
giving baby Ayla kisses!

"trying to pick her up"

Ayla in her swing! she's getting so chunky! i love it!

I was trying to get a picture of Dulany pushing her in the swing. i swear Ayla is yawning and not screaming! she was such a great baby for us.

then that night Kaylee and Jon watched Dulany so Tom and I could go out for my 'birthday dinner' and she decided shew anted a try in the swing. she's never been in one before. haha i think she's a little too big for it now!

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