Saturday, November 13, 2010

is she?

ready to be a big sister?? she loves her baby doll and loves to 'take care' of cousin Ayla (yesterday she tried to pick her up) and gives her kisses (and the doll look below) Well, im sure she will be a great big sister when the time comes. (no im not giving any hints of any pregnancy, def. not pregnant - i just took a test after my 'dizzy spell' the other night.. big fat negative!

on a side note, This girl is 17 months going on 17.... talking on the phone with grandma waving her hands and has to have her necklace on... and she's picky about her cell phones... how ridiculous.

this girl is TOO big! - seriously, look at her. Today tom came over to me and was like "look at her! she looks like shes 5 years old!" she is getting to big, even today she started to count to 5 with me.

she's my big cheese ball!

grandma and grandpa just came home from their trip to Ukiah and they agree, she grew in the past few days. Just tonight we were watching videos of Dulany when she was little and she saw her 'baby' that she sleeps with and wanted it and saw pictures of grandma with a 'baby' and it was funny to see her watch herself. it makes me miss her being so little.

ok.. so maybe this is just a post of how im kinda baby hungry..... just a little.

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