Saturday, August 16, 2008

Caving In...

Tom doesn't know it yet that I have created this blog. Out of boredom of going through everyone else's blogs after FINALLY finishing the 4th Twilight book, I decided that who cares if we don't have a baby, we'll have a blog.(many people believe that in order to have a blog, you should have a baby) I figured that when we do have a kid, I won't have to go through the trouble of making a blog. So there is my justification of making this blog, I've always secretly wanted one.

I would go on writing about how we met and all that lovey dovey stuff, but ill save that for another day.... or when enough people actually look at this = )

But I will say for now is that Tom is still working at the Tire Factory here in Rexburg and I have been working at a preschool/daycare for a couple of weeks right now. I can't say I am enjoying it as much as I have at the previous preschool's I have been at but I definetly like the people I work with. Right now we both are off track for the fall so we'll be working full time. Right now for a few more weeks I am only part time and being a sub, and then I will be either a full time 3 year old preschool teacher or a toddler teacher (although I want to be in the infant room) But I will take what I can get.

And not to mention, a good vacation is deserved... therefore we are going on our delayed honeymoon in exactly 24 days till we leave for MEXICO! We're going to an all inclusive resort. We are rather excited. That is the resort we're going to.. Grand CoCo Bay!

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jodydepoix said...

yeah for another blog to stalk...I knew you would cave in a get one!