Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Weekend

This weekend has been a long fun weekend! First off it's labor day weekend and so both Tom and I have Monday off. ALSO, Tom's parents came into town and stayed for the weekend. We had tons of fun going out to eat on friday when they arrived. We went to Texas Roadhouse (my favorite!) and got some yummy burgers and steaks and the loaded mashed potatoes, and not to mention... the best... THE ROLLS! oh I can taste them right now.

On Saturday we all took our time to wake up after a long night and we went out to eat at Frontier Pies before kaylee had to go to work. We ate and then decided to take a drive down to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The drive was really pretty and when we got down there we took a look around the town and went to the candy shop and bought some chocolate, fudge and the best caramel popcorn. It was very yummy. We just stayed for a little while and I'm mad we didn't bring a camera. We drove back and just relaxed. When we got home, we all watched the movie 'What Happens in Vegas' then went to sleep. We were all very very tired. This morning we got up early and had breakfast at Julie and Kaylee's apartment and just hung around. Tom's parents then had to head off for a long drive back to Oregon so it was sad that they couldnt stay longer. We had ton's of fun though and this sunday has been very relaxing. (not to mention, our ward has been changed from 1:30 to 11:15 so we are happy)

Tomorrow both Tom and I have the day off so we were planning to go to the Eastern Idaho State Fair but it plans to rain ALL week which makes me annoyed because although I want rain, Ive been looking forward to this fair! We're gonna go to Idaho Falls to go get some pants for me since I can't fit into any of mine and they're all getting holes in them. I'm excited to buy pants that I can actually sit in!

I also start working in my new room at the preschool. Ill be teaching in the 'Nursery' where it's the toddlers who come right from the infant room. It will be a very interesting experience to transition a few kids at a time from the infant room (where they nap and get bottles whenever they want) to this room (one nap a day and sippy cups and no binkis). Hopefully it will be a good experience for when I have to have my own kids. My shift will be a very different one for me, ill be working from 6 am to about 12:30-1pm whenever the kids fall asleep. Itll be nice to come home and relax for the whole afternoon. Lets just hope i don't get super crabby (when im tired, i get crabby) and take it out on Tom.

Im just excited to have been able to spend so much time with Tom since he usually works saturdays. We only have one week till we head down to Utah to spend a few days with my sister Jody and Alex (my brother in law) who we haven't seen ALL summer and then head out to Mexico!

Oh... PS. I forgot to mention. I FAILED at the whole soda thing> I dont think i can do it until Im off this Birth Control... and besides.. ALL THE DRINKS in mexico for FREE?? Yeah, maybe ill wait till AFTER mexico.... maybe.

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The Sabatini Family said...

Hey!!! I didn't know you guys started a BLOG!!! Very Cool. I'm so excited!! I love what you have done so far, and I'm jealous that you got to see my parents this weekend!! Love you guys. ~Bonnie