Thursday, August 28, 2008

what a POOPY day... literally.

So, I work at Apple Tree Learning Ctr. here in Rexburg Idaho. This past week I've been working in the toddler room in the mornings, and then in the afternoons I go over to the preschool side. After We combined children together, I went to let another co-worker leave and took over her class. We're playing outside and it was all nice and going well.... then I heard a kid yell... 'SOMEONE POOPED!'... i figured, oh it's just goose poop. As I had over towards the swings, I see it. Someone had pooped on the playground (now this isn't so uncommon, it happened last week but the mother found out and cleaned it herself... ) I figured it couldnt be an animal because the playground is fenced in. So, I go inside to ask the director what I should do and she stated back..'gloves are in the kitchen'. ick.... I put on the gloves and and got a plastic bag and cleaned it up. Lets just say I was highly disgusted and felt like I was cleaning up dog poop.

honestly, what child goes and takes a poop in the middle of the playground? The least they could do is go to the corner of the playground far away and do it behind the bushes... NOT infront of the swings. (im just glad nobody stepped in it)

don't you all wish you had my job??

maybe we should start ordering some of these for outside:


Scimber said...

who was it?! Thats freakin nast!

Jess and Tom Roberts said...

We still don't know who it was. I was mad that I had to be the one to clean it. It was probably from the morning because it wasn't all that fresh.