Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time

So It's finally christmas, although it doesn't seem like it too much this year. Probably because Tom and I got stuck in stinkin Rexburg for christmas. We were planning to go to Oregon for a few days but the snow kept coming and so we were afraid of getting snowed in at tom's place or not being able to drive on certain roads or what not. So we just had a little christmas here. Last night we went to Horkley's and rented like 5 movies so we wouldn't get bored today. We also went to the store to buy stuff to make extra cheesey creamy chicken enchiladas that tom really wanted (lets see if ican get through cooking them with the smell and all) and we also bought a lot of junk food since we're not going to be working for a few days and will be stuck at home with all the snow thats coming in (its looking crazy out there!) I think we've gotten at least over a food and half of snow total... it was 12 inches the other night so it said on the news. The wind is whats the bad thing making snow drifts.

This morning we got up pretty 
early... ok like 8ish and we were starving, so we made a big breakfast.... 
with omelets, hashbrowns, bacon and sausage. Tom made the BIGGEST omelete i have ev
er seen .... as you can see in the picture... I just ate a few slices of bacon and called it a morning. We opened stockings and a present each. Tom got me a hair dryer and straightener which i really needed. 


      I got him Burberry 
cologne (which i think i like more than he does haha)
 I also got a present from Jody who pulled my name and got Catch Phrase the game, Thanks jody! My dad pulled tom's name, but the present wont get here for awhile.... . Other than that we just got a bunch of goodies. 

I guess now its just time to be lazy and enjoy one another's company. I got to talk to my dad this morning and i bet christmas is def. different since my sister is at her husband's place and my other sister is stuck in georgia working (i hope she's having a good christmas, even though she's working all  day today. Im excited to see her next week!) I hope the roberts side is having a fun christmas, and i wish we were there. We'll have to make a phone call later on to see how their christmas is going. (and we enjoyed the videos you guys put up on your blog, HILARIOUS. i cried i was laughing so hard). Oh Ps. HAPPY LATE BIRtHDAY ADAM! (cant believe you're already a year old! CRazy!)

Well i hope everyone is enjoying their christmas and we miss and love you all!!! We hope that next year we will get to be with family on christmas!

ps. We just got a phone call from Nick! YAY we're glad he's doing so well on his mission. It's crazy to think he just got passed his first year.

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