Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll be home for christmas... or new years at least.

So over the past couple of days I was talking to my dad about coming home for a little while between after christmas and the beginning of the semester. I didn't tihnk i was actually going to go and gave up on the idea until my dad called last night askign if I looked up ticket prices. I said to myself...eh, its too complicated. Well my dad insisted that I looked because he had the idea that i was going to try to come home. Well, i figured I had a few days off for new years and since i worked the thanskgiving holidays, i would be able to get a few days off for me. So i looked up some dates, and bam, a ticket for $198. Sweet deal huh? So basically, i called my dad and booked it. Luckily, it is the same flight my sister and alex will be on on the way home to SLC.

Im really excited because we're going to go drive down to Georgia to meet up and visit with my sister Cori. She's living in Savannah so itll be way neat, ive never been down there. Other than that, im just excited to go home since i havent been back since we got married in april. Nor have i seen my parents. Luckiliy Jody and alex live just down in utah so we can see them more often.

Tom came home today saying that there is a possibility that we could drive to oregon for a few days for christmas (even though we would get there christmas morning) I thought that would be fun, hopeuflly it would work out. my work schedule would work, but with tom's you never know.

Im just sad that Tom can't come with me to Pennsylvania. If we had a little more extra money he wouldve been able to come. we just cant afford for us to both miss work for a week. Gotta love him for letting me go by myself, although this will be the 2nd new years we'll be apart. I remember last new years we were just dating but it sucked, i was in Va and he was in rexburg and i remember tlaking to him and how he was at some party and i was stuck with a migrane. Hopefully this year will be better, i mean, i would be going to sleep by 10 anyways! I go to sleep so early these days i can't stay up past midnight. I feel bad he can't come with us and wish he could spend more time with my family. We'll just be lucky when most of myf amily will be up here in july. I can't wait for that, itll be tons of fun... it's just so far away.

Im glad my dad is wanting me to come home so bad, I miss it back there and miss my home and family like crazy. I get homesick quite often, ask tom. I'm glad tom is understanding and letting me go... hopefully he'll be ok with out me for a week ; ) I honestly didn't think that I would be going home till next christmas. IM SO EXCITED

now i just need to figure work out : /

What im looking foward to:

Getting to see my dog sabastian:

MOBY DICKS! (the best food ever, im making my dad stop in VA on the way down to Georgia to get me some) ...

my mouth is watering as I look at this picture... i could eat the whole thing even though it should be enough for 2. The chicken and rice is the most amazing thing I have ever had. This is the one thing i miss most... GOOD food. Rexburg def. lacks in that area .. and has no good food what so ever.

Oh... moby dicks. how i can't wait to eat you!

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