Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So last night we figured we would go down to Idaho Falls for our 'valentines dinner' since tom has to play in a basketball game tonight. Well, we went and the service well basically sucked. First off I was having terrible stomach aches. I figured i was just hungry. But then the waitress just couldnt get our order right or she would never come by when we needed her too. Oh well. I was hurting so much we just went home afterwards instead of going to winco and target to get stuff.

So today I got craving for valentines day chocolates... big time. I already told tom i didnt want anything and though Valentines day was kinda lame anyways. Everything is so 'expected' on Vday. I think someone could really show you how much they love you any other day but vday. But of course, i am weird and get into the spirit once the day comes. I figured Since he was at work all day I would cook him his fav (well one of his favs at least).. my extra creamy cheesey chicken enchilladas... (I know jody would kill me if i didnt thank her since i got the recipe from her a few years back). This time although when i made them , they cheese on top cooked a lot more than usual. I was going to surprise him with dinner but he came home on his lunch break as i came home with the groceries to make them so no surprise there. Sad day. He also then came home early as i was cooking so it wasnt like i could have it all on the table ready to go. Oh well!

Also while at the store, they were selling chocolate covered strawberries and they looked good but they were SO expensive. like $16 for like 5 strawberries. They also didnt look like the professionally done ones. I figured I could make those for a LOT cheaper. Good things strawberries were on sale. Lets just say i figured I did quite the good job making them (and a LOT of them) for cheaper. Here is a picture (i was really proud, can you tell?)

Here is a picture of our dinner. I got really cheezy and got sparking cidar and we used our flute glasses i got for free right before the wedding, i figured we never use them.. so why not. Here is the picture of our lovely dinner!

I figured our vday was pretty good. No flowers and hearts and what not but it doesn't matter! Now we're going to go to his basketball game and then probably just rent some movies and watch them tonight. Im just glad it is a three day weekend! Woo Hoo!


Jody and Alex said...

look at you being all domestic! Thanks for the recipe credit, even though I actually got it from Alex who got it from his Mom, so I can't take it all (but thats how all recipes are)!! Looks like a fun V-Day!

The Sabatini Family said...

Those strawberries look DELISH!! Can i have some?? :) Hope you guys had a good valentine's day. It's nice to see someone take care of my little brudder!! ;) Love you guys.

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

Those strawberries look amazing, nice work!