Monday, October 11, 2010

im kinda in love.

with THIS double stroller... although idont know a whole lot about the brand, etc... i love all the different positions you can put it in , AND the fact you can put pretty much all models of carseat in it (aka i can buy whichever carseat i want)!

ps. i should clarify... haha i am NOT pregnant.. nor trying. We got in a fender bender so the insurance company took our carseat away cause it was in an accident and trashed it. lucky for us. we hated that thing. Now we're getting a new carseat and need a stroller for it to go into. so i figured since we'll have 2 kids the next time around, why not get a double now?

anywho. also....

here is a preview of what Tom and I are being for halloween (we usually wouldn't dress up but we actually got invited to a halloween party... i guess we arent that big of losers after all... just joking!)

We are just waiting for the costumes to show up in the mail.

sorry no pics of Dulany... but ill try to take more. i swear!


The Beck Bunch said...

I want one too!!! That looks great!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

wow I want one of those strollers too!!! they look AWESOME!! but now I have to ask...why do you need a double stroller? HAHA you don't have to answer that...!!