Tuesday, October 19, 2010

16 months

Dulany turned 16 months on saturday. I figured its about time i do another blog post. its been awhile.

She is officially over her high chair. we went and got a booster seat (with a tray that can come on and off) so she'll actually eat on her own and not in someones lap, which she's been doing and it the only way she'll get food in her mouth. that stinker.
she loves to make animal sounds... she's got them down pretty well. anytime she sees a cat or dog, she says woof woof or meow... if she sees anything red and round she says apple. she loves to say "ya" and "what"... with really expressing the T. its too cute. she says a new word almost everyday. she's just too quick!

she loves any type of food. she will stick anything in her mouth that grandma or grandpa eat.. for example, last night we opened up a jar of pickled green beans, i mean they have a KICk to them... i could only eat one. she devoured like 5... and wanted more.

she's doing better being around Ayla (not like she was terrible before) but she's getting better at being soft and tries to change her diaper and get her dressed. She's better at letting grandma hold her although she still has her moments. This for example...

she also loves to sit next to ayla when she's on the floor and give her kisses..

She also is getting more teeth! she has 9 already through (4 top, 4 bottom, 1 premolar) and now she's cutting 3 of her other premolars and it makes my mouth hurt seeing how swollen her gums are. She also has had a terrible bum rash. so we let her "air out" the other night after her bath. I couldnt help myself but snap a picture. i just so happened to get this...

black mail anyone?

she also has started the little fits and most of the time its hard not to laugh. I believe she was throwing a fit when i took this picture... what a funny girl.

did i mention her hair is out of control?? its getting long but not long enough for pull pig tails so its usually a fountain hairstyle going on ontop of her head.

we're so excited for Adam. Bonnie and Leslie to come tonight and we'll have to wake Dulany up to see them (they come in the middle of the night). I can tell you this much, Dulany is going to be following Adam around like crazy.


Jody and Alex said...

Are you sending me pickled green beans?? If not will you?!? yum yum yum! Her hair is way long...very cute. I can't believe she is talking that much and is that stinking big. December can't come soon enough!

Scott+Kimber+Ruby=Scimby said...

Bwahahahahaaaaa, that bum picture is FANTASTIC!!!!

Mitch and Jaci said...

i cant believe how big dulany is! Hope you guys are doing well. Cant wait for pics of your halloween costume