Friday, October 1, 2010


its official: i started weight watchers and i started this morning.(i even measured cereal and everything! never done that before!) I've heard many success stories with Weight Watchers and so Kaylee, Mom and I are doing it together. I really hope I can keep track and everything! I'm supposed to try to lose 7 lbs this week. We will see!! my goal is 20-25 lbs and try to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I hope I can do this within a few months (hopefully about by feb(ish)). I've also started walking every morning with Dulany for about 30-45 minutes and slowly trying to start jogging (those who know me i HATE and DESPISE running with a passion... so this is big for me).

anywho. you'll hear from me next week to see if i lost weight or not. Wish me luck!!

ps. if you know anyone with a success story, please share it with me so it gives me some motivation!

also. i may take a picture of me and then after... just so i can see a difference....but im not sure. We will see.

sorry a post of Dulany will come later today hopefully!

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Scott & Traci said...

Yay! Go Jessie! That is awesome! You can do it :) I am trying to lose my tummy too, but! I believe in you! :) And... as for running, music helps me TONS! I ALWAYS take the iPod (or I used to use Jogging CD players) also... a friend in the ward is my jogging/work out buddy. It's REALLY helpful to have someone else to workout with, you get the social aspect too and you do it more because you know someone else is trying too... anyways :) I am excited for you!