Saturday, May 15, 2010

mommy, wow!

she's a big girl now! seriously, i think she went through a growth spurt (which explains the midnight wakings and starving). Emily and dave were over yesterday and said she looked like she's gotten a ton taller! We put her in a little skirt the other day. It wasnt so little on her. Im pretty sure its 6 months. It just goes to how how little her legs are still! haha

she can now stand on her own, cruise, climb onto stuff... yesterday she stood up by herself with out holding onto anything for the first time(this was outside) i was pretty shocked. but she didnt last too long! But also, she does patty cake (which was seen in previous video) wave hi/bye and yesterday she learned peek aboo in the car. When i say it, she covers her eyes. im going to try to get it on video today.

i took a few pics of her in her high chair. she looks so big to me! what do you think?

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Jody and Alex said...

she literally looks like she has grown a few inches...She will be such a big girl when we see her at the beach!