Friday, May 7, 2010

being stuck inside..

we get really bored. i take videos.. i take pictures. But she is sure enjoying standing up on her own. She is climbing on to everything. The best part, she will climb up and she'll let go and sometimes she'll clap, and she loves to drum on everything. Sometimes she also likes to lick all surfaces and try to eat them too. She can stand forever on her own and she really wants to move her feet but she's still too scared. I think she's grown a ton as well. We skyped with grandma and grandpa (roberts) and they even said "is it possible that she's grown in the past 3 weeks?" (or something to that extent.) she is really loud too... tonight we went to a little bit of tom's baseball game and she can say "yay". thats for sure. people were clappling so she would clap and say yay! anywho. here are some pics, kinda boring but gotta take what you can get! a video to show how "loud" she is!

here, she made her way to down the hallway to her new favorite place... the shoe basket. She loves shoes. now there is a gate that stands in her way and i dont think she likes it much!

here she is climing on the tv stand... both pics you can see she's only standing with one hand. She saw me in the mirror so i had to get a pic of her. she's too funny.

here is a video of her getting really excited about "patty cake"

here she is looking out the window, trying to get the string. i think this day was finally sunny but WAY too windy to go outside = (

here she is "eating" the glass.

i found her asleep like this. she is too cute!

here is a random one from today. she just looked cute in her tights and shirt.

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Tim, Niccole, and Neva said...

She is such a cutie! can't wait for her and Neva to play together again!